Engage students in blended learning through reading and writing media formats, which enable students to create and share their ideas and insights.

 *  Thinglink ( -- 

Overview:  Every image tells a story.  Begin by uploading an image.  Next, add links to every site imaginable inside a ThingLink image.  This can include websites, videos, music, poetry ... endless possibilities.  Finally, comment, embed, and share.

My first thinglink that I used as a demo for students:  I linked video, poetry, websites, music, and pictures into the image.  As you place your cursor over the images, icons will appear.  These icons are direct links to my information.  A viewer can also touch the page, similar to a like in Facebook.


Piktochart ( -- 

Overview:  Piktochart is among the first applications to autonomize the creation of infographics. Why should students sit and read passively, when they can actively interact with information? The ultimate key is simplicity. All you need is to drag, drop and you’re finished. You can create stunning visuals with just a few clicks. Piktochart allows you to share the created infographics via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ with just a click away.  Additionally, there is a presentation mode when sharing your product live.

Meet Haiku Deck from Haiku Deck on Vimeo.

Overview:  HaikuDeck makes telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun.  Start with a few ideas and add images.  Select images from millions of free, high-quality photos plus premium imagery from Getty Images. You can also use your own images or easily create charts and graphs.  Next, choose your fonts, colors, and style.  You're ready to publish to social media, websites, blogs, etc.  HaikuDecks can be embedded into your website or presentation.

Check out my first HaikuDeck.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

*  Smore  (

Overview:  At Smore's heart is the flyer editor. The editor creates beautiful, compelling and effective flyers for many purposes easily and for free.  Smore has templates to help you get started. Once you click on "New Flyer" you will see a wizard, which helps you start making flyers, newsletters, and inforgraphics right away. Pick one of the templates or just start from a blank flyer.  All finished infographics can be shared with social media, linked, or embedded into websites and blogs.  

Check out my first Smore, which was used to post LA goals for the school.  

*  PowToon (

Overview:   This site creates animated presentations. 
Their vision is to effect the way people communicate in a profound way: “If a picture speaks a thousand words, an animation conveys an idea.”  Powtoon has defined their mission as: PowToon will create the world’s most minimalist, user friendly and intuitive presentation software that allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional “look and feel” animated presentations. Our aim is to establish a new presentation category called “powtoon” – a combination of presentation and animated cartoon – as the industry standard for evolved (animated) presentations." 
Powtoon's styles answer the questions, who? what? and why?

Check out my Powtoon-


Jigsaw Planet




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